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Gandhi Medical Stores is currently one of Osmanabad’s oldest existing Chemists, in service since 1935. Over the years, Gandhi Medical Stores has built up a reputation of unfailing quality, personalized service and maximum variety and availability of rare medicines – the all-important aspects of retail pharmaceutical service. Gandhi Medical Stores is now preparing to extend this service online, for our customers in any corner of the world.

Over the years, Gandhi Medical Stores has built up a reputation as one of the Osmanabad’s finest retail chemists. The trust that our customers have put in Gandhi Medical Stores has enabled us to expand into many other fields as well. Our sister firms now deal in a variety of businesses, from medical supplies to hospitals and number of retailers.

The products stocked and supplied by us are exclusively produced by extremely reputed manufacturers which are consistent, compatible and approved by the FDA.

Gandhi Medical stores follows a completely automated system of work, to control its inventory and strives to achieve a healthy and satisfactory culture at work.

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